Performance Project

Starting Dec 3

Are you ready to embark on a profound, 7 month journey of self-discovery, creativity, and limitless movement?

I invite you to step into a world where your unique artistry shines, “Limitless Movers of Tomorrow.”

Be part of a select group, dedicated to unveiling the artist within. Over 7 transformative months, you’ll dive deep into the world of limitless movement.

Each module is carefully crafted to empower you, preparing you for an awe-inspiring performance.

Starting Dec 3

Here’s What You’ll Experience:

Introduction to Limitless

Movement: Embrace the

philosophy that sets you free.

Body Awareness and Mobility:

Unlock your mind-muscle


Functional Strength and Core

Stability: Build the foundation

of your resilience.

Movement Modalities: Explore a

rich tapestry of diverse forms

such as African Contemporary,

Cuban Contemporary.

Flow and Flow-State Training:

Discover the essence of your

own creativity.

Mind-Body Connection and

Mindfulness: Nurture your inner


Creative Expression and

Artistic Movement: Share your

soul through movement.

Mastery and Integration:

Transform into a Limitless

Movement Practitioner.

The performance

Picture yourself on the stage, performing routines rooted in your personal journey. You’re not just dancing; you’re captivating with each move, sharing your unique artistry. This is your chance to be one of the “Limitless Movers of Tomorrow.”

Starting Dec 3rd

1x week for 7 months

48 hours of virtual choreography training



Afro Cuban


Contemporary Dance

location of performance

June 22, 2024

Fusion & Movement Retreat Curaçao


125 $ per month

11 spots available

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all classes are recorded and saved for practice purposes